Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Photos of Iris!

We received new photos of Iris a couple of days ago. These are the first photos of her that we have received in six months! She is so adorable and looks like she is doing well. I've posted them below, as well as one of Seth and Jena at Christmastime (he's the best big brother), me and the rest of the kids from Christmas Eve, and one of Kyle and I from the "Remember Pearl Harbor" swing dance in December. We will have Iris by the end of the month and will be going from three kids to four!  I'm excited, but am bracing myself for lots of sleep deprivation with two toddlers!

Iris (dated 11/11/11)

Seth (15) and Jena (3), Dec. 2011

Faith (20), Jena (3), Missy, Seth (15) - Christmas Eve 2011
Kyle and Missy, Pearl Harbor Dance -Dec 2011

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